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updated January 2015

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Article compiled from various sources


The many benefits of taking apple cider vinegar include:

  • It is rich in antioxidants and other minerals, including potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and many trace minerals.
  • The high levels of phenolics are said to ward off strokes, heart disease and cancer.
  • Maintenance of the body's pH balance and aid general wellbeing as it contains natural malic acid which is important in fighting toxins and also corrects the body's acid and alkaline levels.
  • Arthritis is associated with the formation and hardening of acid crystals in the joints and tissue. A regular dose of apple cider vinegar is said to dissolve these crystals into a form whereby they can be flushed from the body. Explorer Ranulph Fiennes, who completed seven marathons in seven days at the age of 59, swears that Honeygar, a blend of apple cider vinegar and honey, cured him of crippling arthritis in his hand and hip, enabling him to succeed in this amazing feat of endurance.
  • Apple cider vinegar helps weight loss, as it makes the body burn calories better, reduces the appetite and gets the entire metabolism working at top efficiency. It is also claimed that it can assist the body in digesting rich, fatty and greasy foods, by breaking them down into a more absorbable form.
  • Apple cider vinegar is a trusted folk remedy for sore throats.
  • The potassium found in apple cider vinegar is also beneficial to the heart and the pectin soaks up moisture in the body, including fats and cholesterol, which are then excreted instead of being reabsorbed. The amino acids contained in apple cider vinegar have also shown promise in neutralising some of the harmful oxidised LDL cholesterol.
  • If you suffer from indigestion or acid reflux apple cider vinegar after meals ay restore stomach acid balance.
  • A build up of lactic acid is the reason why muscles feel sore and stiff after exercise. Apple cider vinegar assists in breaking down the acid crystals, making it easier for them to be flushed out the body.
  • Because of the malic acid content, apple cider vinegar can assist the detox process as a natural cleanser and detoxifier for the body. Malic acid is important for fighting body toxins and also corrects the body's acid and alkaline levels.
  • The manganese, magnesium, silicon and calcium found in apple cider vinegar has been linked in sustaining bone mass, which is important in the fight against osteoporosis.